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August 2015


Dear Avon DA members

The Future of Avon (Bristol) DA

The Committee needs to appoint a Treasurer no later than the end of October and Annette, who has done the job for the last 2 years, will not be seeking re-election this year.

At a recent committee meeting I asked the present committee who would be willing to remain on committee and there were 4 persons who would be prepared to continue but only with the proviso that they would do so rather than see Avon (Bristol) DA cease to exist.

The DA cannot continue without a treasurer and committee so please contact me, or any other member of the current committee, should you be willing to be Treasurer or serve on a new committee from next AGM (you need to have been with the Caravan & Camping Club for a minimum of 2 years).

The numbers attending our weekend DA meets has been very poor so far this year. Avon Valley, Cirencester and Cattle Country each had 6 or less units on site.

Because of this our sites officer has difficulty in booking sites and stewarding is a thankless task when so few units turn up.

I believe that the future of Avon (Bristol) DA is in doubt unless we have the people to run the DA and take on the positions of Treasurer and Secretary.

Our THS at Stoke Gabriel and our first year at the Harbour Festival were well supported and the Balloon Fiesta site is fully booked but other than putting money into the DA funds these meets seem to be run by us for the benefit of members of other DA’s and sections and don’t attract existing units from our area to camp with Avon DA.

There is a members meeting at Berkeley 9th /11th October and I would like to present to those attending a better picture of the DA but that depends on new people coming forward to either be our Treasurer or serve on committee.

Please contact me on 07778503588 should you wish to help.

Thank you

Keith Richardson

Chairman Avon (Bristol) DA

Cc Colin Peak, Chair of the SW Region



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